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  • The Mukuta 9 Plus electric scooter is a premium scooter equipped with two powerful 800W motors, a beautiful sporty and elegant design at the same time, and components of the most high technology. As for the Mukuta® brand, focused on the development of new premium range e-scooters, it is the new emblem under which the creators of the renowned VSETT and ZERO brands want to once again conquer the market.

    Who is the Mukuta 9 Plus aimed at? Mainly for demanding urban users. Those who are looking for something more, who need a light vehicle for their daily trips that offers them a real plus in quality, power, and safety. The Mukuta 9 Plus is a hybrid, SUV-type scooter, designed primarily for urban use, but with a high capacity to move well over irregular terrain, thanks to its new and revolutionary suspension system. And this in addition, maintaining a modern style with a striking combination of colors in gold and black, and a whole series of technological innovations that you will not find in its competitors.



    This extraordinary E-scooter is powered by a 48 V 15.6 Ah dynamic battery, which provides a total of 1600 W of power. With a maximum range of up to 74 km on a single charge, you can explore your city like never before. The 9-inch tubeless tires ensure a smooth, puncture-proof ride, while its two powerful motors give you the exciting acceleration and control you need.


    We've taken convenience to the next level with the introduction of a removable battery. But that's not all: with the M172 adapter, this removable battery transforms into a portable outdoor power source. Now you can charge your DC devices effortlessly while you're on the go. From smartphones to camping equipment. MUKUTA 9 Plus offers unlimited versatility and functionality.


    MUKUTA 9 PLUS now supports cutting-edge Apple AirTag integration, adding a valuable layer of security and anti-theft. With this innovative feature, you can easily track and locate your e-scooter, giving you peace of mind like never before. (Note: Airtag is not included with the purchase of MUKUTA 9PLUS, please purchase it separately.)


    The scooter features a new dynamic position light system on its underside, made up of a line of LED lights, which not only improves visibility but also adds a touch of style to your ride. The five light colors can be changed at will.


    6 Different Speed Modes: Single / Dual Motor Selection × 3 gear modes on the screen = 6 different speed modes. Easily change different settings by just touching the mode button.
    Parking Mode: If no operation is performed within 30 seconds, it will automatically switch to code Parking mode and will activate throttle misapplication mode.
    Walk Assist Mode:Press the right lever down to start walking assist mode. The incorporation of humanized functions saves effort in the process of pushing the electric scooter


    The MUKUTA 9PLUS has received a revolutionary update with its exclusive and patented Twisting Suspension System. This innovative feature offers an expanded range of adjustability, effortlessly adapting to any weight and terrain, ensuring a smooth, personalized ride in any environment.

    • Motor: Dual Motor 800Wx2
    • Power: 1600W Nominal Power / 2500W Maximum Power
    • Functions: Removable Battery with Smart Lock System. Pedestrian mode, streaming lights, twist grip accelerator, accelerator with anti-involuntary operation protection, etc.
    • Lithium Battery: 48V - 15.6 AH / 748.80 W/h
    • Range: Up to 70 km of autonomy
    • Maximum speed:25 km/h
    • Climbing capacity: 25º slope
    • Braking System: Electronic Brake + Front and Rear Hydraulic Brakes
    • 9" Off Road Tires: Tubeless, Puncture Proof
    • Traction Control System (TCS)
    • Lighting:front headlight, rear red light, integrated turn signals, front LED daytime running light, and dynamic lower streaming lights.
    • Suspension System:Double front suspension and torsion suspension, adjustable.
    • Certificates: CE-EN 17128, ROHS, FCC, UL
    • Folded measurements:1260 x 210 x 540 mm
    • Unfolded Measurements: 1290 x 285 x 595 mm
    • Net Weight: 33 Kg
    • Maximum Load: 120 Kg


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