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The 3Wheels Keros is an innovative Trike E-Scooter (three-wheeled). Its unique design is different from anything you have seen so far, and is at another level in terms of quality. The design is simply spectacular, while offering an unprecedented driving experience.

It offers much more stability and comfort than a conventional two-wheeled electric scooter, thanks to its 3 large wheels (12 inches), and magnificent adjustable suspensions. In addition to equipping a triple disc brake, which also gives it extra safety.

With a 600 W Motor (Maximum Peak Power), and a limited speed of 25 km/h, it has enough power to transport an adult weighing up to 110 kg and climb steep slopes. And to top it off it has premium details such as the large LED screen, and unlocking via NFC.

Special Features

 More Comfort. 12" Wheels, and Adjustable Suspension.

Unlike conventional 2-wheeled e-scooters, the 3Wheels Keros provides additional stability and comfort by having two wheels on the front axle, and one at the rear. All of them, large in size: 12", like the wheels of a vespa-type scooter.

In addition to this, it has the advantage of equipping an advanced adjustable suspension system, which allows us a smooth ride.

 More Innovation. New Patented Steering System

The steering system of e-scooters is what allows you to turn left or right. You may be used to physically turning your scooter's handlebars to make your turns. But this technology is obsolete. The 3Wheels equips a patented steering system that uses advanced lean-to-steer technology, which works with self-centering suspensions springs. The scooter moves with you: if you lean to the right, it turns to the right. This creates a unique and instinctive ride, unlike anything you've ever experienced before.

More Security. NFC Unlocking System

The NFC locking system for electric scooters is usually located on the handlebars, near the display, and includes a built-in receiver with an NFC chip inside.
The chip locks and unlocks the e-scooter when an NFC access card is brought to the receiver. The access card is exclusive to the recipient, ensuring that only this card can access the e-scooter.

What differences does the NFC system offer compared to a standard ignition key?
An NFC system for electric scooters provides better protection than an ignition lock with a key, since The locks can be easily manipulated. The NFC system prevents thieves from picking the lock and ensures that only those who have the access card can unlock the scooter.

More Stability and Control. New Driving Position

Most electric scooters are designed to be driven with one foot behind the other. This provides enough stability to maneuver on sidewalks and narrow streets, but reaching top speed alongside traffic can be dangerous. To increase safety, the new innovative e-3Wheels Keros places the rider upright, with their feet side by side, on two large pedals that protrude from either side of the e-scooter deck.

With this new design, the lateral angle at which you control the electric scooters leaves room for greater interruptions such as speed bumps and potholes or abrupt changes of direction to avoid pedestrians.

Technical Data Sheet

DC Brushless Motor

Nominal Power: 350W

Maximum Power: 600W

Motor Torque: 37 N.m.

Lithium Ion Battery

48V - 10AH || Capacity 480W/h

≥ 1000 charge cycles

Loading Time

5.5 hours of charge

Maximum Speed

25 km/h

Intended Reach 30 - 40 Km (Varies depending on conditions)
Upload Capacity


2 Wheels Front Axle

1 Rear Axle Wheel

Tires tubeless 12" diameter (30 cm)

Suspensions Double front shock absorption on both wheels, and rear shock absorption under the platform.
Braking System Front and Rear Triple Disc Brake 140 mm

Front Spotlight, with Double LED

Red rear light with braking warning.


Multifunctional Smart LCD Display with NFC System for unlocking


Magnesium Alloy Structure. Light and Resistant.

Water Resistance



Unfolded: 1200x580x1160

Folded: 1200x580x860



33 Kg
Load Capacity

120 Kg


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Innovative deformable parallelogram front steering system, tilt steering, 12-inch wheels and 3 disc brakes, together with the rear suspension with no less than 100 mm of travel, will ensure unprecedented driving control and stability

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