We launch exclusively in Spain the New Mercane WideWheel

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The new Mercane WideWheel marks a remarkable difference between conventional electric scooters / e-scooters, and this high performance Korean engineering design. From the quality of its materials, to advanced technology, and an unmistakable style that attracts attention wherever it goes. Qualities that give it a stamp of its own identity.

The Mercane WideWheel brings class, quality, and innovation within sustainable urban mobility. With this model, Mercane® has introduced a new vehicle suitable for daily trips, both short and long distances, thanks to its great power, speed, and high-capacity battery; but also all this accompanied by a very comfortable and safe driving, which is given by its double suspension, its special extra-wide wheels, its disc brake, and its generous dimensions. And this is noticeable, and much, when making a journey with him.

Overflowing with Style and Power

If this beautiful machine has something, it's powerin abundance Its powerful heart beats to the rhythm set by its double brusless hub motor capable of reaching a maximum power of 1,600W. This power is especially noticeable when you have to climb a hill, which literally devours, or when starting from a standstill (this allows you, for example, to leave a traffic light while stopped more safely, since you do not slow down traffic). In addition, its control panel also allows us to choose the driving mode to adapt it to our needs: the "eco" mode, if we want to save battery and/or move smoothly through busy streets, the "power" mode to take advantage of all the power of its engine, with the speed limited to 25 km/h, and a third mode that we will have to unlock ourselves, which would be the ultra powerful mode, or without a limiter, which reaches up to 45 km/h.

But this powerful heart is not that of any beast, but that of a beautiful asphalt feline that attracts glances wherever it goes. Korean engineers have taken great care of the lines, and everything about this e-scooter exudes elegance. For this reason, it will also be the perfect vehicle for those who want to stand out from the rest by having a beautiful piece of engineering, apart from a perfect personal mobility vehicle to enjoy daily commutes.

So, this is a scooter / e-scooter with the features of a conventional electric moped, but at a much lower price if we compare it with these, and with the comfort offered by being able to fold it and take it with you anywhere. In addition, it is also very interesting not having to register it, not being worried about paying municipal taxes, etc. In this case you charge the battery, and that's it! Plus you'll have enough power for several days on a single charge.

E-Mobility | Urban Sustainable Mobility is already a matter of State

”We are going towards a complete transformation, more than a change, and we have to go faster than innovation to avoid the degradation of the planet and above all, not leave no one behind in this transformation.”

- Carlos Mataix -

Dr. Institute of Human Development Technologies

The planet has said so far baThis, and within the process of radical transformation towards a new model of society, e-mobility, or electric personal mobility, plays a capital role as an integral part of a new sustainable urban mobility. All these terms, so similar, have the same common denominator: to make cities cleaner and friendlier for coexistence, and in the near future, we hope that they will be totally free of polluting vehicles.

As citizens committed to the world around us, we are committed to the union of renewables with new forms of electric mobility, because they are clean, do not pollute the air, and in addition they are also "silent" (they do not pollute acoustically); and focusing on personal mobility vehicles, such as electric scooters, e-bikes, and e-scooters that fall within that range, we believe that they are very practical solutions as well as accessible to the vast majority of citizens.

So, let us demand that our politicians create the ideal framework for these new forms of mobility to develop, and for the complete transformation to take place as soon as possible, because the planet and the citizens who need it.

Video Presentation of the Mercane WideWheel

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October 23, 2020

Me gustaría comprar el mercane 500 pro, pero veo que m tarda ,además un meses venir,es para un regalo,y quisiera tenerlo antes,agradecería que me dieran un teléfono donde poder pedirlo sin esperar tanto,gracias.

Aristides peña

Aristides peña

May 08, 2020

Me gustaria saber los pasos para poder desbloquear el modo ultra potente. Gracias

Javier De Pablo

Javier De Pablo

January 19, 2020

Hasta ahora no había visto ningún patinete eléctrico que me convenciera para usarlo cómo alternativa de transporte diario a mi vehículo. Pero este reúne todas las condiciones de diseño, calidad y prestaciones.

Muy buena solución para desplazarse por la ciudad rápido y sin contaminacion

Muy buena solución para desplazarse por la ciudad rápido y sin contaminacion

January 06, 2020


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