Shopping Guide: Top Range Electric Scooters

Shopping Guide for Top Range Electric Scooters

Are you considering buying a high-end electric scooter for adults, that outperforms conventional (low-end) scooters that we see in shopping malls? First of all, congratulate you because the electric scooter is the best option to replace the traditional vehicle, and public transport. The advantages it has as a means of urban transport are unsurpassed by other types of vehicles, in addition to offering endless options to enjoy leisure. We can make routes through greenways and natural areas restricted to motor traffic, take it with us on vacations and our weekend getaways, etc.

But to fully enjoy, and in complete safety, all the virtues of the new micro electric mobility, we recommend that you make a good analysis of your purchase, and select a high-end electric scooter. Well, if you choose well, and have a good quality / price ratio, you will more than recover that investment in a short time. And we are going to give you all the guidelines so you can do it in this post.

What are the aspects that determine the quality of an electric scooter?

In summary, we have grouped the main factors into 5 large blocks, each of which is subject to separate analysis.

  7. PRICE


It is synonymous with a low incidence rate, "no problems", and being prepared to offer good long-term performance with medium or heavy use. It is also synonymous with "sleeping peacefully". And without a doubt it is the most important factor of all,becauseit is directly related to the quality of all the others , and it is the factor from which a high-end electric scooter should be assessed. In addition, this factor is vital when it comes to "separating the grain from the chaff", and distinguishing a good high-end scooter of one that only has the "label" on.

Comparative Ecosmart Riders™ incident rate vs average incident rate of the electric scooter industry:

Comparative Incidence Rate Ecosmart Riders vs Other Brands Electric Scooters || Blog Ecosmart Riders - Premium Electric Scooters

Main Components

The most important electrical/electronic components of an electric scooter are the motor(s), the controller(s), and the battery. These components directly affect its performance: power, acceleration, speed, climbing ability, and range. And they are also an inexhaustible source of problems in more than 90% of brands / manufacturers of electric scooters that exist in the market.

Examples of frequent reliability failures:

  • errors in the displays / lcd screens to communicate some motor / connection failure (this prevents it from working): it happens very frequently.
  • problems in the batteries and in the bms system that manages them: it happens after a few months.
  • failure of the motor controllers: a few months.
  • engine failure: occurs between 1000-2000 km.

There are few brands / manufacturers that are committed to using good components, most use "standard" components of medium-low / low quality. The manufacturers that are committed to using the best components are brands that are generally not intended for mass consumption. That invest in R&D, that generally have their own factory, their own design and engineering team, etc. Take into account that almost all the brands you know import from the same Asian manufacturers, who in turn assemble standard OEM models, and sell them with the logo and certain personalized details to their European and American clients/brands. And if you look closely, you will realize that many models are sold with different names / brands, and except for those small customization details, they are the same scooter. Well, do not expect great reliability from this type of scooter, because really, even if they try to sell them as "brand" scooters and some even "premium range" they are still an entry range, and in the best of cases, a range middle-low.

Construction of the table

Most scooters are made of aluminum, however there are notable differences in their construction quality, and this affects both safety and the useful life of our scooter, and other problems that could present (gaps, screws, welding, abuse of low-quality plastics, etc.).

To situate ourselves, when we talk about aluminum, we are not talking about pure aluminum, but about aluminum alloys. In this way it is possible to lighten the weight of the frame. Premium or high-end manufacturers seek the best relationship between strength and lightness. An example of a good aluminum frame is low-pressure forged aluminum, alloy grade 6061 T-6. This is the one used in the aerospace industry for its extraordinary qualities, and the one used in the construction of the electric scooters that it distributesEcosmart Riders™.

High-End Electric Scooters | Ecosmart Riders


The equipment will depend on the type of electric scooter, and the use for which it is intended, so when comparing scooters and their respective equipment, we must compare them with their "counterparts", and to assess this aspect. The important thing is that the components offer the necessary quality, and are perfectly designed to offer good performance in the type of scooter and use for which it is intended.

The most important thing:

  • Wheels:they differ by the diameter of the rim in inches, by its width in cm, and by its type (pneumatic tubes, pneumatic tubeless, and solid). Depending on the wheel we choose, we have the following:

    👉 Greater width, greater stability.
    👉 Larger diameter, greater ground clearance of the platform and greater ability to circulate on difficult terrain.
    👉 Solid wheels, the best for normal / mixed use.
    👉 Pneumatic wheels (with air), the best for 100% off road use.

  • Lights:It must be equipped with front and rear LED lights. Good front led lights should have 3W of power. As for the rear light, always red, and with warning of franadto. For the rest, remember that to drive at night this is not enough and this is clearly specified by the new vmp law, so it will be necessary to use reflective clothing and/or a helmet with a rear light, to improve our visibility compared to other vehicles. .

  • Suspensions: Depending on the type of scooter, it may have one type of suspension or another, or not. We recommend that you have suspensions, unless it is an innovative e-scooter such as the ORNO, whose wheels are extremely wide and also have a great capacity for absorbing impacts. Otherwise some suspensions will always improve the driving experience. In this regard, indicate that they can be of various types: the classic spring (negatively affect the aesthetics of the scooter), piston, suspension arms. Only in the event that the scooter is going to be very sporty or 100% off road, will it be necessary to equip a 100% hydraulic suspension. For the rest, there are suspensions that work very well of other types. How, for example, the suspensions used by the FORCE: double front suspension and rear suspension. Piston-type, and fully integrated into the design of the e-scooter.

  • Brakes:The types of brakes that exist are drum, mechanical disc, hydraulic / semi-hydraulic disc, and electronic. Two important things to take into account: that it has braking on both wheels, and the braking distance. Below 5 m, good, below 3 m, excellent (at 25 km/h). Normally they are usually equipped with mechanical disc and drum brakes, and electronic brake. Between mechanical disc and drum there is not much difference in efficiency, rather it would depend on the components used. Although the mechanical disc brake requires more maintenance. As for the electronic brake, it is normally used on the front wheel. Finally, the most powerful brakes would be the 100% hydraulic brakes, which are equipped on the most sporty and off-road scooters.

  • Display: this is the screen that transmits information about the main functions of the scooter. It is very important that it is a good LED screen, that it does not cause problems, and that it has good visibility. Practically ALL of them are still of the LCD type, a technology that has already become obsolete. However, the new screens of the FORCE and ORNO are of the IPS LED type, like those of smartphones, in color, and with exceptional visibility.

IPS LED Screen FORCE and ORNO Electric Scooters | Ecosmart Riders

Design and Innovation

This is one of the sections that make the difference, as it happens in other industries such as the automobile. And in the case of electric scooters, this section is of vital importance, because it is difficult to see scooters that are capable of breaking the "status quo" and betting on innovative designs, and/or bringing innovation to the sector.

And here is a sample of the commitment to design and technological innovation of the new range of electric scooters for 2022 from Ecosmart Riders™ FORCE and ORNO (both already in stock). Without a doubt, the future of e-mobility:

Unique and Refined Designs. With curved lines and an avant-garde style that is sporty and elegant at the same time.

Ecosmart Riders electric scooters are designed by the team of Korean engineers frome Mercane, and are patented. They represent the fusion of the highest Korean school of engineering and design, with the German school, having been inspired by the sports lines of premium sports cars and SUVs such as BMW, MERCEDES and AUDI for their designs.

  • Mercane FORCE | Dual Motor Deluxe E-Scooter | Ecosmart Riders
  • Mercane FORCE | High Scooter Dual Motor Range 1800W | Removable Battery
  • ORNO | Ultra Powerful and Safe Urban Scooter | Super Wide Wheels 12 cm

R+D+i. Commitment to Technological Innovation.

Another good example to illustrate this section are the new Mercane engines that equip the FORCE and ORNO (the most powerful and efficient in their class), their new batteries, their new wheels, and their new displays.

  • New Mercane FORCE with Removable Battery | Ecosmart Riders
  • Mercane FORCE | Ultra Powerful Dual & Single Motor | Ecosmart Riders
  • New FORCE and ORNO Electric Scooters | Ecosmart Riders

Performance. Power and Range

  • Power: A good electric scooter, that you really want to use as a regular means of transport to go to work, university, etc., must have good power for various reasons: the first of them is obvious, without enough power you will not be able to climb hills. The second is less obvious, but the power also helps to drive more safely, as sometimes it is necessary to accelerate quickly so that cars do not jump on you, and/or avoid a collision. And the third is the weight, because the heavier the rider, the more power you will need for the scooter to move smoothly.
    Having said all this, what power is recommended? Never less than 400-500W of nominal power, with a maximum / output power of at least 800W would be recommended. Conventional scooters usually equip motors with a nominal power of 250-300W, and a maximum power of up to 600W. And I assure you that they fall short, very short of power depending on the case. Un FORCE Single Motor of 500W reaches 1200W! of maximum power (twice as much as a conventional scooter), and the dual motor model would have 800W of nominal power and 1800W! of maximum power. With this type of scooter, which is also the most powerful within its power range, you can climb slopes of 35-40º in the dual motor, and 20-25 in the single motor, and enjoy incredible acceleration.
  • Scope:Depends on the capacity of the battery, on the AH (or mAh). Under normal circumstances, a "real" range of 30-50 km is advisable. And for this, a battery of between 13-15 AH (13,000-15,000 mAh) is required. Batteries from 18 AH - 21 AH, are larger due to the greater number of cells, and are usually equipped on very large scooters. Off road type.


There are scooters of all prices, but the price, as we know, is a very subjective factor that each brand / seller adjusts according to its profit margin, and/or other factors that it considers appropriate, such as the positioning of the brand in the market, the target audience, etc.

However, there is something that is clear, the quality components, as we have seen in the previous section, have a cost. Good engines, good batteries, a good frame, design, engineering and R&D, etc... a quality scooter, or a high-end, you pay. And there are no high-end scooters under €1,000 or close to that price. Normally they are closer to €2,000 and up, but if you know how to search well, and compare qualities, equipment and prices, in around those thousand euros you can find true wonders of Korean engineering, like the ones we have mentioned in this article. Blog.

So, if you were looking for the perfect electric scooter, to give away this Christmas, Kings, New Year...and we invite you to discover them for yourself in the following link:


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Luis Fernández

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