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In this guide you will learn everything you need to know about locks for electric scooters. The different types, the most compatible and the best brands.

There are many types of locks on the market compatible with electric scooters. Hundreds of brands and manufacturers of all qualities and prices, with designs for all tastes. But there is a big problem when it comes to knowing how to choose the one that best suits us for our scooter: not all of them adapt well to our needs, since there are no "specially designed" pads for scooters. In addition, the vast majority of padlocks flooding the market are cheap anti-theft devices made in China with a very low level of security. Which makes them very vulnerable to theft, being easy to cut and manipulate (with a screwdriver we could open hundreds of them). Therefore, it is important to know what differences exist between the different types of padlocks, which ones are most suitable for our needs, and which brands to choose. 


1.- What types of padlocks are on the market? What are the best types of anti-theft for our scooter?

U-LOCKS (FORK): As its name indicates, it is a U-shaped padlock made with heat-treated hardened steel bars. It is a very robust and heavy padlock. The greater the thickness, the greater its level of security, and its price. 

They are among the safest anti-theft devices on the market, and have few rivals when it comes to security. However, we have a drawback: the standard size (90%) of these locks are too big for our electric scooters, and they weigh a lot. 

If you like this type of lock, at Ecosmart Riders we advise you to choose compact size U locks. Many brands use the name "Mini" on their most compact models, to differentiate them from the rest. 

Top 5 Mejores Candados Patinete Eléctrico || Ecosmart Riders

Photo:Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit Mini


FOLDABLE LOCKS : This is a type of lock that adapts very well to the needs of electric scooter users. Its great advantage over other types is that it takes up less space. In As for the weight, it is deceiving because it seems like a light padlock, and yet it is heavy (if it is a padlock of good quality / good level of security). 

It is a padlock made of a series of steel bars, joined together by a system  which allows them to fold on themselves for storage.

Together with U Locks (compact / mini size) they are the best types of scooter lock. However, you have to take some precautions when choosing a good folding lock: first of all, you have to know that its size (length) is key, since If you use one that is too big, your scooter can be stolen very easily.

For this reason, we recommend that you always buy the shortest model: between 60-90 cm in length. And as in the previous case, take into account that the thickness of the steel bars will determine its level of security, and its price. The greater the thickness you will always have more protection.

Top 5 Mejores Candados Patinete Eléctrico || Ecosmart Riders

Photo: ABUS Bordo Granit Plus 6500


CHAIN LOCK: A timeless classic, and a good anti-theft device.  A chain of links, attached to a key/password lock.

Their great disadvantage is that they are generally heavier than other types of anti-theft devices (at the same level of security) as other models. And their plus point is that they are cheaper than folding or U-shaped ones.

To choose a chain lock we must make sure that the chain is well protected, so as not to scratch our scooter, that it has a good anti-tamper cylinder (lock), and that it weighs enough...because then we will be clear that The chain is thick enough to make life impossible for the thief on duty.


Photo: Chain Lock Kryptonite


FRAME LOCK ANDADO DE CUADRO (CUFF LOCK): Fashion. We are referring to that lock, which is actually a shackle with a cable type padlock at the other end, or double shackle handcuffs, and that you see now in sports stores like Decathlon and the first thing you think is: what the hell is this? ? is??!! And of course, on Amazon there are already hundreds of models (we already know how the Chinese spend their money...), and on many websites they usually recommend them because they consider it to be the invention of the century.

But are these types of anti-theft devices really reliable? Well, fashions aside, we have analyzed all those available on Amazon, and 90% have a very low level of security.

Thus, with honorable exceptions, such as the Master Lock Street Cuff (the double shackle model), we do not recommend them. However, if you like them, we recommend that you make sure that they are of good quality, so as not to give you a scare..

Top 5 Mejores Candados Patinete Eléctrico || Ecosmart Riders

Foto:Frame Lock Masterlock® Street Cuff


CABLE LOCKS: The least safe. We never recommend these locks, because they are very easy to cut. Although...there are also honorable exceptions, with much thicker cables than the usual ones, and with a price also in line with their level of security. This is the case of Abus Phantom 8960

It is a cable of braided steel wires, to which the cylinder (lock) is attached. Its thickness is less than a U-lock, or a good chain lock, and the security level is very low.

Therefore, and unless it is for a low-end scooter, or one that you are going to leave in places that are highly monitored, we recommend that you opt for any of the options seen above.

Candado de Cable Patinete Eléctrico | Ecosmart Riders


2.- Security Level of Anti-Theft Devices. How to measure it? Security Certifications for Anti-Theft.

At this point, and having reviewed the types of locks that best suit our electric scooters, we have to choose one. And as is normal, even if we are clear about the type of padlock we want, we want to compare them based on their quality-price ratio. And at this point it is vital to know what the security level of padlocks is:

Candado de Horquilla Abus Ultimate 420 | Ecosmart Riders

The security level is a score that gives us an exact reference to the degree of protection against cutting and tampering that the locks have. It is usually measured on a scale of 1 to 10, or 1 to 15.

The German manufacturer Abus@, whose padlocks have a very high prestige, measures this level on a scale of 1 to 15. So a padlock with a Security Level 7 would be a good mid-range padlock, and from 10 onwards We enter the high-end locks.

In addition to this, some brands, such as Kriptonite, choose to also include an external quality certificate, the Sold Secure® Certificate, which also rates the anti-theft devices according to their level of protection. In this case, the levels are: bronze, silver, gold and diamond. And translated another way, it would be the equivalent of low-mid range, mid-range, high-mid, and high.

Candado U - Kryptonite Ultimate 420 | Ecosmart Riders

 Photo:U-Lock Kryptonite Mini 7 With Flex

3.- How to Choose a Good Brand? The key to success

Something that seems obvious, but is not so simple, because there are hundreds of brands on the market, and today it is very easy for any company / business to do rebranding. That is, they buy Chinese-made products of poor quality, and they put their brand on them to sell them as if they were "branded products."

At Ecosmart Riders we have done an exhaustive analysis of the brands that sell the most, and that you can also find in market places like Amazon, as well as in specialized stores. And we are going to give you some tips on how to know if we are dealing with a good brand:

✅ Choose brands / manufacturers that are specialized in the product, and/or similar products.

✅ Check the reputation that the brand has in the sector, as well as its range of padlocks. This is very simple, you can see the opinions on Amazon, on Google, on Trustpilot...etc. This should not be definitive on its own, because there are brands "that buy" their online reputation, but added to the rest it can also give us something.

✅ Check the Country of Origin, and prioritize brands based in Europe, North America, and Western countries. Why is this important? Because if you choose a prestigious European brand, like Abus® for example, the fact that it has manufactured its product in another country like China will not affect the final quality level of its product.

And after these simple tips, we present you the best brands of locks for electric scooters:

  1. ABUS (Germany): It is perhaps the most prestigious brand in the sector, and with a more complete catalogue. Not in vain has it been offering its products since 1924.
  2. KRYPTONITE (US): Founded in 1972, another of the oldest brands in the sector, and together with ABUS, probably the one that offers the best products. It also has a fairly extensive catalog, and we like this brand more and more.
  3. HIPLOK (UK):Excellent products, with a high level of security, and an attractive design. Its co-founders are also designers and cyclists at the same time, and all their products are developed in the UK.
  4. OHTER BRANDS: CLICK HERE  to be able to see other brands such as VIA VELO@ or URBAN® Security with models with a very good quality/price ratio.

Last Conclusions

Buying a good lock is essential to be able to fully enjoy our electric scooter, without fear of leaving it tied up every time we use it to go to work, to have a snack, to the movies, etc... Therefore, what What you should not do is buy a padlock for which it is not possible to verify what level of security it offers. And of course, we would also avoid brands that do not have a proven reputation, with cheap padlocks under €30 - €40.

On the other hand, the price differences are enormous, and we can find padlocks from around €10 to padlocks around €200. The ideal? Look for those that are in the €60-€120 range.

And, what we are very clear about is that if you follow all our instructions and choose a good lock (even though its price seems a little high), you will not regret it. Sleeping peacefully is priceless...😉

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